Wednesday, October 21, 2015

8 Shabby-Chic and Vintage Wine Crate Ideas

Large wooden wine crates are durable, stain-able and lots of fun to work with. One of the more poplar wine crate ideas is to stain them to appear distressed. It's shocking to see how well this idea compliments a modern home decor!

Imagine walking into your foyer to see a rustic style wine crate sitting next to your front door. There's a floral display inside of it, and your immediately captured by a nostalgic feel. Your brought back in time to the days of few distractions; where there weren't smart phones, e-mail or texts. Time went by a little slower, and you had a moment to look around and appreciate the look of your home.

This is the theme of the shabby-chic style and you can get that look for yourself. One way is to distress your original wooden wine crates. The most popular stain for DIY crate distressing is Walnut. The key is to make sure the crate is prepared for finish by sanding it first (We do this for you at Winepine). The next step is to lightly spread the finish onto the crate in a random fashion. You want an unusual pattern because wood naturally distresses in this way. Make sure to take appropriate precautions while staining, as fumes from some finishes are very strong.

There are other ways to achieve a shabby-chic vintage look with wine crates, and 8 of my favorite are below:

Vintage Wine Crate Kitchen Shelving -

Shabby-Industrial Wine Crate Vertical Credenza -

Distressed Walnut Wine Crate Pet Feeder -

Old World Style Bar Shelves -

Southwestern Style Farmhouse-Chic Jewelry and Handbag Foyer - 

Rustic Walnut Stained Wine Crate Storage on Casters -

Cherry Stained Kitchen Island with Wine Crate Shelving - Kathleen Flanagan

Urban Industrial Style Side Table with Wine Crate Shelves - Winepine

The urban industrial side table is a client favorite as well as my own. We sanded the wine boxes for this project, but they weren't finished or distressed. The table itself came out beautifully vintage with a modern accent on it's own. The wine boxes in that picture are medium sized made to hold 6 wine bottles. 

If your looking to create your own industrial, rustic, vintage or farmhouse-chic look with original wine crates visit Winepine!

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