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Wedding Ideas with Wine Boxes and Crates

Wine Themed Wedding Crates & Boxes

Wooden wine crates and boxes compliment a wedding perfectly. From wedding table centerpieces, wedding party gifts, floral decorations and even part of the ceremony itself, wine crates are instant attention-getters and conversation pieces. My personal favorite are the wedding wine boxes with a carved slot for gift cards:

The lid has a slide-top style, and we can be engrave the piece with your own logo, design or decorative text

Another favorite is the floral succulents wine case. This is a longer piece that can be engraved on the front side:

This type of piece can hold small flowers or a good amount of succulents/herbs as part of a table centerpiece. Surrounding candles can make this an eye-catching presentation.

If you want the best of both worlds, you can mix the card box with the floral patterns like this:

The above is a 6 bottle sized crate with a carved slot on the front. The floral setting is on top.

So we have pictures of floral crates, gift card boxes and the two together. What other decorations do they add to?

Cake stands:

You can do everything custom wine crates or use an original wooden wine box like this:

or like this..

There have been some very creative ideas in the past like these:
Wine crate invitations table

Dance floor made of wine crate panels

Buffet table with wine crates
How about some gifts for the wedding party?
And much more. The possibilities are fun, and will get your creative juices flowing. Themes that mix wine crates, wine barrels and wine corks together can be used to create very different looks. Fine wine is elegant, classy and sets the stage for a truly memorable event:
Add some wine accents, and watch your perfect reception become the talk of the town!
We have years of experience working with both brides and grooms, and can assist on creative additions to compliment your ideas. Give us a call or shoot me an e-mail:
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Monday, April 14, 2014

Drink Good Wines without Breaking the Bank

    Wine is a time-honored part of the culinary experience, with a complete science dedicated to finding its deeper tones and subtle fragrances. The presentation of a bottle of wine at a table or dinner is seen as a sign of respect for those you are serving, and the selection of just the right wine can make or break an otherwise spectacular impression upon your guests. I'd like to help you select just the right wine for your dining occasion.

There is a piece of wisdom about wines that says that good wine must be expensive, with the age of the wine representing a large part of its value. The problem, of course, is that a well-known vintage wine can weigh heavily on the pocketbook, so what is the frugal entertainer to do? Below we will present a selection of red wines that have their own lovely bouquet, and can serve just as well as more expensive wines in making an impression on those important guests and clients. Even better, they're all available in most places for under $20.
2009 HYPERLINK ""Bodegas Nekeas Vega Sindoa Tempranillo

Harkening from the sun dappled vineyards of the Navarra region in northern Spain, this wine carried with it a noble heritage in the grapes used to produce it. The luxurious color of the Tempranillo grape, a rich vibrant purple with red undertones whispers promises of the libation it is central in producing. Its flavor will be warm and comfortable, while its aroma produces a distinctive and varied bouquet for those fortunate enough to enjoy its flavor. Underneath and around the flavor and fragrance offered by its base grape, this wine spins in a bit of spice that makes it an unparalleled addition to a barbecue spread.

 2009 Hardys Nottage Hill Pinot Noir
This wine is an inexpensive little number with a lot of bang for your buck. Coming in the gate on the first sip you're going to be greeted by a sassy tart cherry flavor that likes to stick around and make itself known. Followed on the heels of this is a panorama of flavors that will leave you wanting more. Some of the flavors noted in this bold wine are watermelon and tart raspberry, giving it an overall sweet and tangy tone.
2009 Esser Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon

This wine carries with it the respectable pedigree of the Bordeaux blend of Sauvignon and Merlot grapes. This combination is of such popularity that wines containing these flavors can be found the world over. This delicious wine comes out of the California region of vineyards, benefiting from the abundant sun and long growing seasons of this respected part of wine culture. The flavors this will bring to the table area firm burst of black-currant and bell pepper, providing a generous palette of fruit flavors and a nice weight on the tongue. The oak cask aging process is just one more note in the orchestra of its bouquet, adding the subtle tones of cedar, smoke, and spice with a brief trill of vanilla and coconut.
All three of these wines bring great value for the cost, and can serve as an excellent accompaniment to heartier, red meat based meals from many cultures. From European dishes such as boeuf a la moelle, to a simpler ravioli with white truffle sauce, to the more traditional American dishes like the simple classic that is Salisbury steak, these wines will serve as either the perfect appertif, or as a wonderful digestif after the meal. 

When entertaining, never underestimate the power of a carefully chosen wine, it can turn that evening with your guests from a simple dinner, to a memorable dining experience they will walk about for years to come. But remember: with all of these fantastically tasty wines around, beware! Make sure you prevent the hangovers red wine is infamous for by snacking on dark chocolate for a scrumptious dessert.

Should you decide that you wish to be truly intrepid, the vinting connoisseur could always attempt to make their own wines, label them, put them in a dark cellar and enjoy them for years to come… Oh who are we kidding? Good wine never lasts!




Wednesday, April 2, 2014

8 Beautiful Wine Cellars Accented with Wine Crates

This is a collection of beautiful wine cellars that have been decorated with original wooden wine crates and boxes. All have been uploaded from

Revel Wine Cellar, Slide-out Drawers


Glass Encased w/ Stone Trim

Victorian Style

Kevin White Cellar

Stone Frame and Arched Ceiling
Eclectic Contemporary

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