Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Thoughtful Review from Gabe C.

Gabe is a client of that purchased one of our custom-made and personalized wine crates. Below is his testimonial of what he thought about it:

My best friend is getting married and I got the idea to give him and his wife-to-be a set of wines to have at 6 milestone anniversaries. I spent hours researching wines, thinking about appropriate drinking windows, choosing a variety of grapes and regions, reading professional reviews, etc. I finally had picked out the six bottles that would be perfect for them, but then had to find a way to present the bottles to the bride and groom in a way that would honor the excellent wines that I had spent so long choosing. I started browsing the web looking for a classy way to display the bottles. After an afternoon of research and emailing several different companies, I eventually decided to go with Wine Pine based on the variety and quality of designs posted on their webpage and Pinterest board.


My girlfriend, who is an excellent graphic designer, created a beautiful logo that incorporated the bride and groom’s names with an image of their wedding venue modified to look like a Chateau. I sent the images over to Patrick at Wine Pine and just one day later, he sent back images of proofs of the designs engraved onto sample wood pieces. I had a bunch of stupid questions about the details of how the design would look and Patrick was super patient and helpful answering everything. We also were on a bit of a tight time crunch to get the crate in time for the wedding, and Patrick was able to create our crate and ship it out on a rushed schedule to get it to us in time (5 business days from my green light to go ahead with the project and the Fedex delivery in California).


I was floored with the final product; it is drop dead gorgeous. The crate itself is as professional as I could possibly imagine. It feels super solid; the joints are reinforced with nails, and the top slides on and off perfectly smooth. The images that we sent over are 100% flawlessly transferred to the side and top of the crate. Our designs were quite complex and the details are transferred to the crate beautifully. The crate also came filed with a straw-like filling that can protect and enhance the appearance of the bottles inside.


I am so happy with the final product and I can’t wait to deliver it to the bride and groom tomorrow. It is going to make such a unique wedding gift for our friends. Thank you Patrick and Wine Pine!

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