Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Cakebread Cellars Wine Box

The above picture is the Cakebread signature wooden wine box. I like it for a few lot of reasons:

  • The name: Wouldn't you love to eat a piece of Cakebread? It just sounds like it will be the perfect balance between sweet and scrumptious.
  • The grapes logo engravings are gorgeous: The grapes logos are deeply burned in, and give a satisfying feeling when you touch them. They are intricately designed grapes pictures in juicy little bunches.
  • The rarity. We get truckloads of wine crates every month. If we're lucky, maybe one Cakebread box will come in. When one does, it's immediately prepared for sale. We're usually backlogged on them. Everyone loves Cakebread, and all the private investors keep the boxes when they buy their cases.
These are the reasons I try to own as many of them as I can, but our director never lets me keep any because there's always a client that wants one. The Cakebread wine itself is great too, but you have to be a really heavy buyer of Cakebread, specifically Benchland Select (The most expensive bottle) until you get the original box. Buying a bottle or two every once in a while won't cut it unfortunately. Going to the winery itself with your order is probably the best bet to secure a Cakebread wine box for yourself. It's going to cost a pretty penny though..

The Cakebread wine box has thick sides of wood like most wine boxes from Napa so no surprise there. It's highly durable, and can withstand many years of shipping, handling and storage before it starts to break down. This is a major plus, because one day you may want to sell your Cakebread wine collection, and your going to do better at auction if you have the wine bottles inside the original crate.

If you'd like to purchase one from Winepine, your looking at the only one in stock at the moment. I e-mailed some of our usual buyers to see if they're interested,  but the current weather conditions has everyone just wanting to end winter. They're removing wine bottles from their collection to indulge themselves during these icy cold conditions.

Feel free to e-mail me if your interested in the piece. The cost is $100, and shipping is on me.

First come, first serve.

Dimensions: 13 /12" L X 11" W X 8" H

Includes: Lid and removable wood inserts

Visit us at to get some wine crates or boxes for your own unique project!
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