Wednesday, June 27, 2012

5 DIY Projects with Wooden Wine Crates and Wine Boxes

Wooden wine crates and wine boxes are a very unique way to enhance your decor. They're durable, versatile and classy. Below are 5 things you can do with them:

  • Create a garden

How to make it:

  • Beautiful and easy wall displays

How to do it:

  • Wine Crate Bookshelf

How to assemble:

  • White washed wine window box

How to do it:

  • Age the crate to a "shabby-chic" look



How it's done:


Monday, June 18, 2012

How many wine panels do I need to cover my wall?

How to determine square footage for a wine crate panel wall

We frequently get asked "how many wine panels are needed to cover my wall?"

Below is how to determine the square footage of the wall, and how large the wine crate panels are:

The Wall

The first thing to determine is the square footage of the wall. The square footage is found by multiplying the length of the wall by the height of the wall.

For instance; the below picture from left to right (length) is 12 feet across

The top to bottom (height) from the floor up to the ceiling is 8 feet

12 feet X 8 feet = 96 square feet

The wall is 96 square feet.

The Panels

The above panel is the same size and style of the panels on the Grapes wall, which are:

12" L (left to right) X 6" H (top to bottom).

This means that each panel can cover 1 foot left to right and a half foot top to bottom. If you were to place one panel on top of another on the wall, you would get one square foot of coverage space.

Two Wine crate panels covers one square foot.

The grapes wall is a bit complex because of the windows, but if you remove the windows from the wall you would have 16 rows (top to bottom) of 12 panels across (left to right). 

12 X 16 = 192

Without the windows you'd need 192 panels to cover a 96 square foot wall.

Wine crate panels are very easy to trim, cut and finish. We did a bit of this to make the panels flow around the Grapes windows. You may have some corners to work through like the picture below:

This is the Ritz Carlton Penthouse wine cellar in Dallas. Some of the panels were placed vertically to enhance the look. The project was done by architects, interior decorators and contractors working together, so this type of design is more suited for highly skilled professionals.

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