Monday, October 12, 2015

Bouchard Pere & Fils Wooden Wine Crate

Bouchard Pere & Fils

Without a doubt, the Bouchard Pere & Fils is my favorite wooden wine crate from Burgundy. It's not just my favorite, as the crate is often requested by our clients.

It's no secret that most wine enthusiasts love Burgundy wines. There's an old saying in the US wine industry that you start in California and end in Burgundy. Napa Valley has been relentlessly trying to change this, and to some extent they have, but if your a lover of the old world wine ways than the saying will remain eternal.

The problem with most original Burgundian wine boxes and crates is that they aren't generally ideal for home or cellar decorations; unless all of your friends are equally as savvy a wine enthusiast. The majority have only writing on them with simple designs at best. Their labels are elegant but modest. Very much like their wines. That's all well and good, but personally I love an eye-catching design.

In comes Bouchard Pere & Fils. It's quite possibly the most highly detailed wine crate in all of France. On top of that it's large for 12 bottles, has an intricately engraved picture on the long side, and has a slide-top lid. For a Burgundy wine crate It's a genuine anomaly.

Country: France

Region: Burgundy

Sub-Region: Beaune-Graves

Established: 1731

Production: Produces a variety of Grand Cru and Premier Cru in tiny single vineyards

Grape: Makes both Pinot Noir red and Chardonnay whites

Crate design: Highly detailed and intricately engraved picture of the estate and castle on the large long side.

Rarity: Very. Due to minuscule productions on small single plots, there's only a handful of these special Grand Cru wine crates released every year.

Crate designation: Exclusive ($75.00)

Our opinion/history: One of Burgundy's highest respected and most ancient vineyard/wine merchant. The Beaune region was founded by Julius Caesar, and supposedly the Bouchard property was producing wines for Joan of Arc's army.

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