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Long-Side Branded Wooden Wine Crates

The majority of large original wine crates from Bordeaux are branded with the picture design on the front short side:

A long-side branded crate has the picture design on the long side of the crate:

The long side branded crate style is rare, and most of these crates are not from Bordeaux. Since Bordeaux follows a set of wine laws called the Appellation d'origine Controlee (AOC). All Bordeaux wine makers classed as 2nd - 5th Growths or Grand Cru have to follow the AOC, which governs grape and barrel types, processing and bottle sizes. This governing body is tasked with maintaining the rigid Bordeaux culture, brand and history. That means your going to see a good deal of similarities among Bordeaux wine crates such as a uniform size of crate and a specific place where the logo goes which is the front short side.

There is a Burgundy AOC and a similar rule structure in Italy (Mostly pertaining to the Chianti region). These rules and classifications are a way to maintain the old world standard of wine. Burgundy and Italy's rules aren't as rigid as Bordeaux's when it comes to bottle sizes and the look of their wine crates so they can be more creative. For instance, Italian vineyards primarily make 6 bottle medium wine boxes. I've seen 8 different Italian vineyards that made large 12 bottle wine crates. All of those large 12 bottle crates from Italy were branded with the vineyard's logo and design on all four sides.  

In the case of Bordeaux which makes primarily 12 bottle large crates I've seen only 5 long-side branded crates from un-designated vineyards. Your most likely to see long-side branded large crates from the French regions of Burgundy, Graves and Sauternes.

I'd estimate that there are 30 different vineyards from anywhere in the world that make large long-side branded 12 bottle wine crates. This presents a bit of a problem for people that have wine cellars with shelving that require long-side branded crates:

It's a great picture above, but only 1 of the long-side branded crates are from Bordeaux! The rest are from Italy, Australia, Chile and Spain. Below is a wine rack for wooden wine crates with brandings on the front short side:

It's clear that there's alot more front side branded crates than long-side. All of the crates above are from the Bordeaux region and are nearly identical in size. This makes wine crate shelving projects alot smoother when your working with front side rather than long-side crates.

Nevertheless, long-side branded crates are unique and interesting. They're one of the most requested styles due to the fact that they cover a wide area, and often have remarkably ornate artwork on them

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