Saturday, July 9, 2011

Why Wine Crates Aren't Free

Wine crates are tough to get. They have beautiful artwork, a unique charm and they're very rare.

There are many DIY blog writers pointing out that they are getting these rare pieces for free or at a very low cost. The issue is that bloggers are highly dedicated and creative professionals devoted to   fresh content and coming up with new ideas. This kind of passion for the craft gives them the perseverance to try new things and search until the objective is complete. It is possible to get just about anything for free or at a very low cost if you have the determination.

So what about the interior decorator, architect, wine collector etc. who are focused on their own crafts and always pressed for time? There must be a wine crate solution for them.

First the challenge....

The key to finding wine crates on the cheap is to locate very high-end wine shops. Travel to them and ask the owner if he/she has any wine crates. There's a very good chance the owner will say no.

The reasons:

Wine crates are only found in shops offering extremely expensive wines. They house bottles of wine that cost anywhere between $100 - $25,000 per bottle. Original wine crates are valuable based just on this.

Many Bordeaux wineries have been in existence for more than a millennia. The logo of the winery that made the wine is engraved on every wine crate. This logo has often been unchanged for hundreds/thousands of years, and will add an eye-catching decorative twist to a wine-inspired décor. The wine store owner knows this, and will accent the store with these designs.

Wine stores that purchase high-end wines often store the wines in the crates they came in. They're perfect to hold bottles, and are great for shelving too.

There are several thousand wineries in the world. The vast majority don't produce wooden wine crates to store and protect their wines.

Fact: only 5% of wineries worldwide actually make wine crates to package their wines. The rest use cardboard boxes.

Things wine store owners say when asked for free wine crates:

  • Wineries stopped making wooden crates and boxes. Everything’s in cardboard now
  • We use the crates for display
  • Let me check in the back….Sorry, we don’t have any
  • We don’t. Check back in a few months 
This can get disheartening. On top of that if you don't live in a major metro area, fine wine shops are nearly impossible to find. Lastly, wine shops sell wine; they don't sell or specialize in wine crates.
If you're able to acquire a wine crate locally, it will probably be in poor condition. Wine shops know that wine boxes and crates make great displays for wine, and they keep the good ones for themselves. Clients get what the shop can't use or doesn't want.

Here at Winepine, we acquire and work with thousands of wine crates every month. Below are the statistics of how they arrive to us:
  • 40% are unusable and need to be re-purposed altogether
  • 40% are in decent condition but need a lot of repair
  • 15% are in good shape but need some repair
  • 5% are in excellent condition and need little repair
Most of our clients are very busy people, and don’t have time to travel for miles to dozens of wine shops hoping to find a crate in good condition. This is why they purchase them from a specialist such as winepine.
Case in point: Let’s say you’re able to get a crate or two.  There’s a strong chance the crate will have stickers, tape, magic marker numbering on them or be structurally damaged.
These imperfections need to be removed to make the crate look it's best. If you wanted to finish the crate, the imperfections must be removed. This takes a great deal of time. Wouldn’t you rather let a professional do the prep work so you can start the project fresh?

The solution:
Visit a wine crate specialist such as Winepine!

Obtaining and preparing your wine crates will no longer be a problem. All of our crates are in excellent or better condition. Each one is inspected multiple times for imperfections. Our clients receive the best every single time. We guarantee this.
We not only provide the best wine crates, but we also prepare them for finish. Each crate is gently sanded by hand two times. We sand with 60 grit to remove splinters, markings etc., and 220 grit for a smooth texture. The crate is ready for a first coat of stain or polyurethane right out of the box. 

Your wine crates will be made complete with lid and bottle dividing inserts, individually wrapped, and delivered to your door via FedEx quickly. The process is easy and headache-free. Once they arrive your ready to start the project!

Visit us at Winepine, and call us to discuss your unique wine-themed project. Our customer service is friendly, highly personalized and quick to find solutions.

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