Thursday, July 7, 2011

8 Easy DIY Wine Crate Projects

Wine crates are classy, eye-catching and highly durable. Below are several easy interior decorating projects to do with wine crates:

Wine crate garden planter:

Spruce up your garden with wine crates! Wine crates make excellent planters and are easy to weather proof.

Below is a great blog to show you how:

Simple wine crate wallshelf:

Easy 1-2-3 job to add a wine-themed twist to your wall décor. All you need is a drill, 4 nails, a level and a friend to make it easier. A stud finder or anchors may not hurt either, but unless very heavy things will be in the crate it may not be necessary.
Have the friend hold the base of the crate against the wall you want to place the crate. Use the level to make sure the crate is level. Drill the four nails on each corner of the crate. Your done!
Below is a picture of how it can look in a kitchen:

Wine crate floral arrangements:

It’s very common to see these pieces at a wedding with a wine theme.  Below is from Design Sponge displaying the how-to on this lovely craft:

Wine crate bunk bed for cats:

Most cats like to be on top of the situation, so this bunk bed made of wine crates is perfect for your fancy felines.

Wine cellar decoration:

Wine crates compliment wine cellars perfectly, and can fill in some of the space gaps you may have. The best part is they are made to store wine as well! Check out the winepine client project for more pictures..

Under the bed storage:

At 7” tall, wine crates fit perfectly under most beds. They are large, highly durable and excellent to store a variety of items in.

Stand alone wine crate storage shelves:

This one requires a little more time and skill but it’s definitely worth it. It only requires some crates and metal brackets. The Pretty Neat Organizer tells all:

Wine Crate Book Shelves:
Wine crates fit records, CD's and books very well. Below is a step-by-step guide on making a custom wine crate bookshelf.

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