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The 5 First Growth Wine Crates

First Growth Wine Crates:

The classification of First Growth was created by Napoleon III in 1855. Napoleon III was the nephew of the famous French ruler Napoleon I.

There are 5 official First Growth wineries, and one unofficial and controversial First Growth (Chateau Petrus)

Chateau Mouton Rothschild wine Crate (12 Bottle Size):

Every year, Mouton Rothschild presents one famous French artist with the opportunity to slightly re-design the reknowned Mouton label. This practice has been a tradition since 1924. The French artist asked to perform the re-design consider this a grand honor.

List of artists that re-designed the Mouton Rothschild label:

Lafite Rothschild wine crate (6 Bottle size):

The Rothschild family vineyards span worldwide, and Lafite Rothschild is the "First of the First Growth's"
Mouton and Lafite Rothschild are both owned by the Rothschild family but even though each is a First Gowth, Lafite Rothschild is considered somewhat more of the "greater brand"

Chateau Margaux wine crate (12 bottle size):

Margaux is considered by many as the best Bordeaux winemaker in the world. The history of the vineyard dates back to the late 11th century, and the logo is a picture of the Marquis De Colonia estate built in the early 1800's. The estate still stands today.

Chateau Latour wine crate (12 bottle size):

Chateau Latour stands on a major historical site known as Orleans during the Hundred Year War with Britain in the 12th century. The Latour tower was part of a protective wall, and it is said that Joan of Arc defeated the entire British army from this tower. The Latour design was made in honor of her as the "Lionness of Orleans"

Chateau Haut-Brion wine crate (12 bottle size):

Chateau Haut-Brion crates are crafted differently than the other 4 First Growths'. The crates are thicker yet shorter, but are nearly the same in length. The inside of the crate has inserts similar to a honeycomb style and are quite unique.

Chateau Petrus wine crate (6 bottle size):

The unofficial First Growth; Chateau Petrus produces the most expensive wines in Bordeaux. There are wine enthusiasts who believe that Chateau Petrus is the best in the world. There are others that believe the wine is overrated, and it's simply a status symbol to drink. In any event, every wine enthusiast in the world is very familiar with the Petrus label.

First Growth crates are very rare and difficult to obtain. Approx. 1 out of 100 crates we acquire are from a First Growth winery.

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