Sunday, July 10, 2011

Which Wine Crate is Right For You?

I've noticed throughout the years that different people like different wines, but they also have specific tastes for wine crates as well.
Some people like Bordeaux and others prefer Italy. Below is a general case study of the types of people who prefer crates from certain countries:


Bordeaux crates are usually a good match for someone who is a perfectionist, and likes the finer things in life. Bordeaux has been making wines for thousands of years, and it’s known for capturing the hearts of many.


Crates from Burgundy are generally best for true wine enthusiasts. It’s said that you start your wine journey in Napa Valley and end up in Burgundy. This isn’t always true as there are a great many connoisseurs that swear by Napa Valley wines. Nevertheless, Burgundy as a region arguably makes the best wines in the world.


If you’re a fan of the beach, summer and a more relaxed atmosphere you’ll most likely appreciate a crate from Spain. Spanish whites such as Cava are the perfect summer wine. Crates from Spain are simple with nice detail and logo designs.


Big, hearty Barolo and complex wines from Tuscany are brilliantly complimented with a crate from Italy.  The issue with Italian wines: Once you fall in love with Italy you usually stay there. Italy is the only country that has been making wines longer than Bordeaux.

United States (Napa, Oregon, Washington etc.)

Wine crates from the United States are modern showpieces with rich artwork and incredibly unique designs. Wineries in the US aren’t held to the strict standards of Bordeaux. Anything goes here!

I consider myself somewhat of a traditionalist when it comes to wine, but I must say that crates from Napa are gorgeous..

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