Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wine Boxes for Vinyl Record Storage

Record store owners and vinyl enthusiasts are always looking for a unique way to store and display their musical treasures. You can always go with a leather flip-top case or some other standard option, but that isn't nearly as fun as going with something eye-catching and different. If you happen to be a wine enthusiast or enjoy a vintage style look, the most attractive option for vinyl display would be an original wooden wine box.

Vinyl record storage in wine boxes is tricky though because most records average 12 1/4"

Most original wooden wine boxes or crates are 12" in width on the inside dimensions, so they're just a touch too small

In the past what we'd do is disassemble the wine box and shave down the sides with a surface planer. We'd then put the box back together. This became a problem because the shaved-down sides decreased the durability of the crates, and it also increased the cost of them because it took so much time to do. Over time the sides would crack from use and we'd have to re-make them.

Because of this issue we told customers that asked for crates large enough to hold vinyl that we couldn't do it. The solution to this problem was right underneath our noses...

The best format for vinyl ended up being a fairly rare format of wine box called a 6 bottle magnum size. They're oversized, stack-able and square shaped designed to hold 6 magnum sized wine bottles, and are perfect for record display/storage. Ever since this discovery we've been getting more and more requests for them. Unfortunately we don't get many of them in because most vineyards don't make them. They're almost exclusively from select French wineries, and only a few dozen are made per vintage/per winery. We may be able to offer them on the Winepine website at some point, but at the moment we don't have enough in stock to maintain a regular supply. If your interested in one or more for your own record collection give me a call or shoot me an e-mail: These also make perfect gifts for music lovers.

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