Sunday, December 6, 2015

Bring Your Bordeaux Vacation Back Home

Is your wine room, bar or kitchen missing that unique decorative accent? Perhaps your looking for a way to enhance the look of your living space to make it feel more inviting and nostalgic?

Picture this: It's dusk and silent. Your standing out on your old world style patio on a gorgeous villa in St. Emilion. While you enjoy the scenic beauty, you realize there's a small French village to your left that hasn't changed much in 100 years. As you soak in the eclectic surroundings, you look to the right and see an ancient single vineyard plot with grapevines that seem to stretch on forever. The mood is light and your sipping on a fine Cabernet from those same grapes. There's a gentle breeze caressing your hair and a subtle aroma of flowers in the air. The sun is beginning to set, the temperature is perfect and your mind is at ease. You don't have a care in the world. You've come for Paris but ended up in a Bordeaux chateau. What a story you'll have to tell when you get back home...

If you ask me, I'd be ok with every day ending like that. Unfortunately life gets in the way and most of us don't get this rare experience until we vacation in France. Every other day we have family and work. Nowadays it's easy to get caught up in the routine, but as time flies and days go by, how do you capture the exquisite feeling from that magical vacation?

You bring it home with you!

How is this possible you may ask? Well, there's many different styles of interior decorations available that can match a similar design to a French chateau. You can go with a modern or traditional look to an antique style and everything in-between. You'll at some point realize though that there's something authentic missing. It may be a space that seems too open or a corner that needs to be filled. Sometimes you can't quite put your finger on it.

Genuine French Wine Crates may be the answer. They have the beautiful Bordeaux designs your looking for, and the vintage-style wood that will accent a space like nothing else. They've been Imported from France to protect fine wine and to give your home an elegant touch.

Original wine crates and boxes are stackable to fit in corners, they're not too large or too small and . everyday you'll remember France as you look at the logos of the world's oldest and most revered vineyards. Your fond memories of that Parisian vacation will come alive as you share a bottle and some laughs with a close friend and reminisce. The essence of your home is accented with age-old pieces of history throughout. Your close friend is just a little envious and quietly wonders how you got these beautiful crates back from France. The perfect look of your home is now complete.

So where can you find these decorative wine-themed gems? At Winepine.

Winepine offers the largest selection of original wooden wine crates in the world. Established over 11 years ago with thousands of satisfied clients; Winepine has worked with everyone from Fortune 500 corporations to wine enthusiasts looking to beautify their homes. If your looking for genuine French wooden wine crates or boxes there's no other place to look.

Visit Winepine at or call Patrick at 914-565-0134 to discuss your own wine-themed project or to buy some wine crates directly. Winepine will help bring your Bordeaux vacation back home.


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