Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How To Measure Your Walls for Wine Crate Panels

Wooden wine crate panels can be placed like tiles to cover walls, ceilings, floors, bar fronts, table-tops and just about any kind of surface space. The most common question we get is: "How many wine panels do I need to cover my Wall?"

I don't find math to be very engaging literature but there's no way around it..

So here's our wine panel sizing formula using an example of this framed wine panel wall sectional shown in the picture below:

1. Take a tape measure from left to right. This will give you the length which is 60 inches.

2. Now measure from top to bottom. This gives you the height which is 48 inches.

3. 60 inches = 5 feet (60 / 12)

4. 48 inches = 4 feet (48 / 12)

5. Multiply 5 X 4 = 20 square feet

6. The framed wall sectional is 20 square feet. 

7. On average 2 wine panels covers approx. a square foot.

8. 20 X 2 = 40 

9. Approx. 40 panels were needed to cover this sectional. It happens to only have 37 panels because the top panels on it were longer than the others. Not all wine panels are the same size so we have to approximate.

Most surfaces may not be as easy to cover as the framed sectional which is a fairly straightforward DIY. A wall on the other hand may have a door, window, fixture or division like the picture below:

In this case the sizing formula remains the same, but you'll need to measure each section of the space individually. You may need to trim some of the panels to fit making this kind of project more complex, and it may require a contractor or designer. Fortunately wine panels projects are often quick jobs for professionals.

The great thing about wine panel decorations is they make for incredibly unique projects. There are hundreds of different wineries with different designs and wood grain colors. They're also limited pieces of classical artwork with history dating back a millennia. Your wine panel covering is guaranteed to be exclusive. Your guests will be fascinated and engaged.

Feel free to take a look at some of the wine panel pictures given to us by clients to spark some creative juices. 

You can also visit the Wine Panels page to purchase them when your ready to start a project. 

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