Thursday, November 12, 2015

6 Wine Crate Furniture Ideas for Contractors

DIY wine crate ideas are very popular, but contractors also use them to create unique furniture for their clients. These kinds of special wine-themed pieces are usually add-ons to current work being done, but a surprising number of people are contracting professionals specifically for the purpose of wine crate/wine panel decorative enhancements. These kinds of ideas are perfect for architects and woodworkers as well.

Over the years Winepine has provided the wine crates and panels for a stunning array of wine-themed shelving, tables and decoration pieces. Today I give you 6 of my favorite wine crate furniture ideas that were professionally created, and in which the wine crates or wine panels came from us. We don't have the plans for these projects but hopefully they'll drum up some creative juice for your own unique wine crate creation!

This is a unique credenza made for an exclusive country club in Washington DC. The shelf door fronts were replaced with wooden wine crate panels.

Custom kitchen wine racks with a wine crate shelving base. This decorative accent was created by an artist/interior decorator. The racks, center shelves and wine crates were all varnished with a matching cherry stain

Wine-themed library made with wine crate shelving to hold books. Each wine crate is built into the wall and slide out to reveal the individual crate bookshelves.

Below is the table for the San Diego Padres Stadium Wine bar. Each panel was specially chosen by the interior decorator on the project based on the wine list. There were also a half dozen custom SD logo panels added into the montage.

This is a joint project made by a cabinet maker and finish carpenter. It's a custom built storage nook for an Italian restaurant. The back of the nook is a collection of assorted wine panels that were varnished and stained to protect from wear-and-tear, while giving the piece a distressed color accent.

My personal favorite is below and is a recent project. It's a bar table-top made of Grand Cru original wine crates that were epoxy-varnished to produce a glass-like look and feel.

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