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The 8 Best Wood Wine Box Pictures List from Burgundy

Top 8 Wooden Wine Boxes from Burgundy

It's no secret that Burgundy produces some of the world's finest wines. What is a secret is how few wooden wine boxes the region's vineyards make! It's in stark contrast to the amount of Bordeaux vineyards that make hundreds of them. 

Wooden wine boxes and crates from this region are simple yet elegant. None of them have ornate designs or pictures, and they remain gracefully in the old world. This has been the case for a thousand years, and I'm guessing it won't change for a thousand more. That's the special thing about Burgundy. 

I remain a loyal enthusiast of Burgundy wines. You can count on quality anywhere within that tiny part of France. It's extremely difficult to craft a comparable Pinot Noir anywhere else.

Admittedly, I have mixed feelings about the actual wine boxes from Burgundy though. I enjoy a nice and eye-catching Bordeaux design because it takes you back in time for a moment. The same thing applies to fancy Napa wine box artwork because it has more of a modern appeal. Burgundy on the other hand has very little artwork or designs on most of their crates. Perhaps the crates mirror the timeless quality of the wines. and if that's the case I'm ok with it never changing..

A couple of points about Burgundy wine boxes and crates:

  • Burgundy wine crates are typically larger than most other wine making regions
  • The AOC of Burgundy doesn't regulate bottle sizes like the Bordeaux AOC. This could be the reason why there's so few of them.
  • You can tell a wooden wine box is from Burgundy when you see Domaine (90% of the time). It's from Bordeaux when it says Chateau (99% of the time). 
  • Most Burgundy wine producers display the winemaker's name on the box as opposed to the name of the vineyard like you'd find with Bordeaux. The second most important characteristic branded on a Burgundy crate is the region in which the winery is from, and lastly the single vineyard of where the grapes were planted. The region developed an ancient tradition long ago that is often copied by wine makers in other countries.
  • The list below is probably 20% of all Burgundy vineyards that make wooden wine boxes & crates:

8. Vincent Girardin

In true Burgundy fashion, the Vincent Girardin crate has simple winery lettering. What a spectacular wine though.

7. Domaine d'Eugenie

Same simple design applies to Domaine d' Eugenie. The elegant lettering makes it quite pleasant though.

6. William Fevre

One of the more well-known Burgundy wineries of Grand Cru Chablis. The lid is slide-top style and has the William Fevre design and lettering on the front and back sides.

5. Patrick Javillier

Here's a Burgundy wooden wine box with a small yet fairly ornate design of the vineyard's chalice

4. Domaine Henri Boillot

A legendary Grand Cru producer who happens to be one of four Burgundy winemakers that I know of who produces a wooden wine crate that holds 12 bottles. Most Burgundies only make wooden wine boxes to hold 6 bottles. As you can imagine, this is a difficult crate to acquire.

3. Paul Jaboulet Aine

Nice wooden wine box with an ornate engraved picture of the winery's cote of arms. It's fancy, realistic and eye-catching rolled into one.

2. Olivier Leflave

My favorite Burgundy wooden wine box due to it's intricate red-colored picture of the vineyard. This crate is an exception to the Burgundy rule because of it's highly detailed design. The vineyard also produces a 12 bottle crate with a lid branding! It happens to be a completely different design than the one above, but it still red and still looks great.

1. Domaine Romanee Conti (DRC)

How can you make a list like this and not include the finest and most expensive wine on earth? Coming easily in at the #1 spot, this is the crown jewel of Burgundy. A nice front long-side design to boot!

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