Thursday, September 10, 2015

The 10 Best Wooden Wine Crate Panel Walls

The 10 Best Wine Box & Crate Panel Wall Treatments

Almost every wooden wine crate or box has a side on it that's branded with the logo of the winery that made it. There are many different wineries that make wine crates, and many of these logo designs have been used by the vineyard for thousands of years, or have been inspired by ancient European artwork. Some of these vineyards have been making wine before the Roman Empire!

 The pictures below are walls that have been covered with dozens, if not hundreds of the branded sides. What we do is remove the branded side of the crate and it becomes a panel similar to a wood tile. They are grouped together to cover the wall entirely.

This decoration type is often called Vintage-style, Shabby-Chic, Eclectic or Rustic  Personally I feel that a wine panel wall is nostalgic because it gives the viewer a momentary glimpse into a time where things were more elegant and simple. It's a natural mood enhancer that guarantees a good conversation. Every wine panel project is completely unique, and everyone's take on the design is different.

Enjoy a glass of wine and take a look at the 10 Best Wooden Wine Panel Walls:

Davanti Enoteca - Famous Italian Restaurant in Chicago with the bar wall covered with wine box panels from Italy, Bordeaux, Chile, Argentina, Portugal and Australia

319 Wine and Cheese Shop - Back wall decorated with Bordeaux wine panels in a 3D effect style

Mexico City Private Wine Cellar - Arched ceiling and walls decorated with original wine crate panels from all over the world

Walk-In Closet Turned Wine Room - Bordeaux and Burgundy Collector's wine panels on walls and drop ceiling

Dallas Ritz Carlton Penthouse Wine Room - Montage of Classic and Collectors wine panels in different shapes and sizes from hundreds of different wineries

"Reminiscence" Wine Crate Wall Art - Very special artwork crafted as a forever-remembrance of a husband and wife's shared travels to wine country. There are original wine panels from every vineyard they've visited, and a center piece of art they purchased together in Paris. 

Grapes the Wine Co. Rare Wines Wall - The rare wines entrance wall to this famed wine store is decorated with mostly Grand Cru Bordeaux wine panels, including the complete collection of First Growths and a vintage 1982 Petrus.

Peconic Bay Winery staircase with assorted wine panels from many different wineries, and custom-made wine panels with the names of the winery owners children

Kitchen Wainscot Wine Crate Panel Wall Treatment - One of my favorites because it's not quite finished. It gives a good idea as to what panels on a wall look like right before the project is completed.

Wine Lover's Artwork - This project took our client 2 years to complete. We worked with him for those 2 years acquiring every single panel he was looking for, and he was very specific on vintages and wineries. The corks also match every panel on the wall! Suffice it to say I was delighted when it was finally done...

Alot of clients ask us how to put the wine panels on the wall. We generally recommend Liquid Nails in a can for the adhesive. If you take the liquid nails and place it on a notched trawl you can spread the liquid nails evenly across the back of each panel. Laying wine panels is similar to laying tile but it's a little easier. Most contractors find this to be a fairly easy job so if you hire a professional it's usually not that expensive.

If your looking to create your own wine crate wall there are lots of different options. Any questions? visit Winepine or give me a call.


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