Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Top 11 Wine Crate Table Designs

Everyone loves a nice wine table, and there's many ways to make one. You can stack wine crates horizontally or vertically, attach them side-by-side, add legs to them, and even remove the branded sides to make table-tops.

The great thing about wine crate table projects is that they can be anywhere from simple to very complex. It all depends on whether you want to go the DIY route or hire a professional. You'll always have plenty of options and designs to choose from.

I wanted to share some of the ones I found the most eye-catching, as well as the ones I liked the best. There's a nice mix of some of the more simple DIY's, to the most exquisite professional ones. Take a look at the tables below and let me know what you think!

1. Alpine wine design's custom bar table. Alpine is definitely one of the top wine table makers in the US, and the craftsmanship on every piece they make is exceptional -

2. This is a wine crate coffee table meets wine bar. It has roomy shelves underneath as well. The tabletop is a variety of wine crate panel ends, and the under-shelving has panels that separate each storage compartment. It's very unique, and most of the table was crafted with actual wood from wine crates -
3. Multi-color stained wine crate deck table. This piece has wine panel ends as a table-top, and the panels have a mixture of Walnut, Cherry and Natural finishes. Found on Etsy by SteelCreekFAB
4. Wine crate and cork round table. This was a professional piece that is crafted in sections. One divided section has a wine crate panel top, and the others are made with hundreds of corks -
5. Stacked wine crate night table. There's a bit of a purposeful illusion here with the look of this table. As I understand, the crates are attached together to give the impression of a random-looking stack. It's a bit more like artwork than a table..
6. Gaetano style wine crate side-table. This piece was made and sold by a professional woodworker on Etsy. It's a Buried Cane vineyards crate turned into a table. As a bonus, the top slides out forward, so items (and wine) can be placed inside.
UncorkedFurniture on Etsy
7. Wine crate dining table with wine barrel legs. This is a lovely, all-Napa Valley wine crate panel table-top.

8. Stained tongue and groove pattern wine crate coffee table with glass top.

9. Distress-stained wine crate flat-bottom coffee table with pull-out shelves. Love it!

10. Table makeover in a wine-theme! The table is Victorian-style, and has a wine crate centerpiece.

11. Last but definitely not least, a beautifully crafted step-table made from Whiskey barrels! UncorkedFurniture at Etsy. It's not wine-themed, but it's attractive and very professional.
So these are my favorite wine crate tables (and one whiskey barrel piece). Winepine doesn't sell these, but we do offer the panels or wine crates to make them as a DIY project. Visit to take a look!
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