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The 9 Best Wine Crate Shelving Ideas!

Recently, a news story on CNBC did a piece on how wine crates can be made into cabinets and shelves. I found the story to be inspiring, so I decided to share this as many of our clients do these kinds of projects, and I've seen several displayed online. There are a few ways to do it, and the below ones are my favorite.

The first way is to group them together in a vintage-style like so:

Once they are grouped together they can be nailed to each other and against the wall to keep the crates stable, while still making them look randomly stacked. They can also be painted to match the décor like below:
Table Local Market in Bedford Hills NY
In the case of the above picture, the crates were painted first and then installed onto the wall. The neutral color of the paint enhances both the product display and the feeling of the overall décor simultaneously.
A similar look to this kind of style where the wine crates aren't painted can be found at the Ravines vineyard tasting room:

In this case the wine crate shelving is more uniform, yet at the same time maintains an old world vineyard look.

Another option is to build the shelving on top of an existing table or setting such as this:

This kind of project is a little more complex because It requires you to size everything from the table up, and fasten the crates together. It's definitely one of the more unique stand-alone units that I've seen.
Apartment Therapy did a lovely piece on wine crate decorations, and one of my favorite pictures is the shelving attached to the wall and gently seperated. There's a mix of large and medium sized wine crates in this picture, and all are holding antiques and glass wear:

Last but not least on the stand-alone style is the wine box "shelving inside the shelving". This involves taking large crates as a base, and using medium crates as the pull-outs. This is a very cool project in my opinion, and the picture below is for storing craft beers:

The next two cabinet shelving creations require a good degree of professional know-how. They are custom-built to hold wine crates as the drawers. The first one is a chest of drawers that hold all large wine crates as pull-outs:

Note that the top of each drawer has a small cut-out for easy access.
The second was done by one of our clients and it's an exquisite bathroom vanity. Talk about a conversation piece!

The sink basin is marble, and the woodwork is custom-fit to hold 6 large crates and 4 medium crates that have handles and slide-out.
The last piece is one that I've always found interesting. It was designed by an artist and woodworker, but wasn't made with wine crates. It does however have original wine crate panels adorning it's sides to give it a nice wine-themed look:

Wine box and crate shelving inventions can be anything from fairly easy to assemble, to very involved and technical. Either way it will be a fun and interesting compliment to the feeling of your home. Wine crates have an appealing look that takes you back a little in time with their historic artwork. Add that with a little modern appeal, and prepare yourself for a lot of complements!
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