Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Superstorm Workday Part 1

It was October 23rd 2012, and that was a long night. The power was out, and all you could hear is the howling of the wind mixed with the pattering of rain drops hitting the walls. At a few points during the night, the house started to shake a little, and this sent a little shiver up my spine. It was 2:00 AM, and I couldn’t sleep.

We had a large custom wine crate order for Anika, who was the marketing director for Etnies shoes. the order needed to go out next week, and we were only halfway through it. We had most of the cuts for the sides and frame done, but still had to sand, prepare and put the crate pieces together. I was wondering how on earth we could get this done on time.

Late or potentially troubled orders often give me insomnia. Perhaps it’s my nature to want to control just about every situation in my work, and when things happen that are out of my control I get antsy. This was definitely one of those times. One thing I do to try and get to sleep is tell myself how comfortable my bed is. That usually works, but the weather outside was affecting that sweet peacefulness which often ensues during my “Comfortable bed” thinking. Fortunately it was very dark all around me, so I was able to relax a little better and pass into the night.

As I awoke to that dull and stormy sky, a slight feeling of dread passed over me. The wind and rain were still going, and the storm seemed to be just as active as it was last night. Maybe even more so. There was still no power. I knew this was supposed to be a super storm, but I was hoping that the news was overblowing it. In the back of my head though I knew they weren’t. When you see the local weatherman trying to hide that true look of fear, you know it’s for real.

So I quickly got dressed and approached the kitchen to again be reminded that the power was off. No fresh brewed coffee today. I’m going to have to suffer through instant. I’m a bit of a coffee snob, and like the gourmet stuff. The stove still had gas, so I boiled a pot of water, and shot a dash of instant into the coffee cup. Once the brew was done, I poured the water into the cup. As I watched the water overtake those Folgers crystals, I briefly started thinking about Anika’s order. I knew we had no power in the workshop. My house is about 15 minutes away from the shop, and if Portchester got hit as badly as Rye did, it would be a miracle if we could power up the saws and sanders. I took a big swig of the coffee cup, winced a little at the sour taste, and walked over to my desk to grab my keys and wallet. I needed to know for sure if the power was out before contacting the crew to keep going on this critical order...
Part 2 coming soon...
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