Thursday, August 7, 2014

3 Perfect Places to Hold Your Very Own Wine Tasting Party

3 perfect places to hold your very own wine-tasting party


Among the socially elite and those with a taste for the finer things in life, there is little that brings a group of friends together quite as well as a night spent indulging in the vast variety of experiences found in the art of vinting.  When people come together to truly experience this thing so simple yet so luxurious,  a wine tasting of exotic and rare wines is often a favored event, paired with the ever-complex flavors of the world’s most wonderful cheeses.  Cheese, like wines, contains its own particular bouquet of flavors, and it is considered part of the wine tasting experience to pair them perfectly together.



But where would one hold a wine-tasting event?  The possibilities are as wide and varied as the tastes of the wines themselves, and one can even combine the theme of the wines selected with the venue one chooses to host it in.  Imagine for a moment you have a selection of delicious summer wines, light on the palette and sparkled with all the floral tastes of summer.  Each of these delightful bottles are arranged on well-appointed tables surrounded by the sparkling curves of good Waterford crystal, all arranged in the shade of parasols extended above your garden.  The fresh summer wind and smell of fresh cut grass will only serve to compliment the delightful array of flavors found within each of these bottles.  Even the shades will serve to compliment this, the bright pinks of blushes, the rose reds, even the clear sparkling whites that arrange your table will turn this outdoor wine-tasting event into a dash of elegance to be remembered.



In the winter, such a place can be difficult to find.  In many climates the winter months are cold, dark, and unpredictable, and so a different kind of warmth is called for.  Such warmth can be found within the walls of a sunroom, where the tall glass panes let the warmth of the winter sun in while holding out the cold of the winter wind.  Within these walls among the dark green plants that are vibrant even in these colder months, you can offset them with the deep ruby tone of some of the most popular dessert wines.  Each of these wines is best served on its own, and after a meal that compliments the thicker sweeter nature of these vintages.



Another excellent place to have a wine-tasting is in the presence of experts, many larger towns contain micro-vintners and places to accommodate those with finer tastes.  In these places you have the benefit of a large variety of wines, and often they serve 'flights' of wine that are served in smaller glasses, perfect for tasting a wide variety.  These places create the perfect atmosphere, with delightful food and the ability to sample large selections of wine without needing to buy an entire bottle on what may be a truly disappointing vintage.  Wine-tasting can be an expensive hobby, and this last option will definitely allow you to make the most of your experience.

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