Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What Are Wine Crate Panels?

Wooden Wine Panels are the engraved sides of wine crate boxes, crates and cases.

We offer two types of Wine Panels: Collector's and Classic styles.

The difference between the two:

Collector's panels have the designs and pictures of the winery engraved on them, and are all pretty much the same size.

Classic panels are all different sizes, and have only winery lettering on them. There's two types of them:

-Winery Branded

Below is a picture of 13 Border panels. As you can see, they're thin and can be installed next to each other on a wall to create a picture frame look.

Border panels are from flat 6 bottle cases. Here's a picture of the inside of one:

Average Border panel dimensions: 9" L X 4" H (Some are larger)

The other classic panel style are the Winery Branded. These are lightly decorated pieces that display winery lettering and importer numbers. They are ideal for French Provincial or vintage décor styles. They are simple yet elegant, and are around the same size as Collector's Panels (see below).

Average Winery Branded panels: 12" L X 6" H

Collector's panels are best sellers. They are attractive and highly unique. All have a design artwork or pictures engraved on them. Almost every major wine making country produces them, and you'll see a variety of decorative looks depending on which region or country they're from.


How are wine panels made:

Wine panels are the dismantled and removed sides of wine crates, wine boxes or wine cases. They are also known as wine box ends or wine crate faceplates.

The process of making them:

We first inspect the wine boxes, crates or wine cases before determining whether or not they work for panels. They need to be straight and in an excellent condition. Once the first inspection is complete, we remove the sides which become the first "draft" of panels.

Once the panels are removed, they are inspected again for condition and straightness. Looks can be deceiving, and you won't know if the panel will be bent until it's fully removed. Once the second inspection is complete, we begin the sanding process.

The video on how we sand wine panels: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03xGvkb6GbA

Once the sanding process is completed, the panel will be in a better-than-new condition, with a smooth feel and texture. It will be ready for a first coat of any kind of wood stain or finish.


Wine crate panels can be applied to walls, ceilings, floors, tables and furniture. Where would you like to decorate with them? You first and foremost need to determine how large the space that your decorating is. Approx. two panels covers one square foot, so if you have 100 square feet to cover; your going to roughly need 200 panels to cover the space. Wine panels can vary a bit in size, so we recommend working with a woodworker/contractor for cuts and installation.


The recommended adhesive is liquid nails in a can. We recommend applying the liquid nails evenly across the back of the panel with a notched trawl. This application is very similar to tile installation, except your using liquid nails instead of grout. Once the adhesive is placed on the back of a panel, the panel can be placed onto the desired surface.


Any style of wood finish can be applied to wine panels. The vast majority of wine panels are made of solid, unfinished pine. You can use different color stains, or any type of polyurethane. They can also be weather-proofed if you'd like to do something nice on your deck, grill-bar or garden.

There are thousands of different wine panels so the possibilities are endless. You can even choose wine panels from specific countries such as all from Italy or a mix from everywhere!

For more, feel free to visit www.winepine.com or e-mail me directly: winepine@optonline.net


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