Saturday, November 2, 2013

Top 10 Most Colorful Wine Crates

Most Wine Crates have a natural and unfinished look. There's a few prominent vineyards that brand their wine crates with embossed colors, and they look fantastic!

1. Chateau Pavie 12 Bottle Wine Crate- Bordeaux region - St. Emilion sub-region (Slightly oversized, and has the green and red design on both sides)

2. Chateau Ste. Michele Exclusive 3 Bottle Wine Case - Seattle Washington (This piece was hand painted and signed by both the winemaker and artist on the inside cover)

3. Chateau D'aiguilhe 12 Bottle Wine Crate - Bordeaux region - Cotes De Castillon sub-region

4. Chateau Gracia Wine Panel- Bordeaux region - St. Emilion sub-region. This is one of my favorites. The center image is of two cherub angels, and has a multi-color background. 

5. Domaine De Marcoux 12 Bottle Wine Crate - Chateauneuf Du Pape region
6. Chateau D'aurilhac 12 Bottle Wine Crate - Bordeaux region - Haut-Medoc sub-region
7. Grey Goose 6 Bottle Wine Box - Not for wine, but Grey Goose unveiled this special piece 3 years ago and never did it again. The design is on both sides of the lid. Love it!
8. Chateau L'Hermitage 12 Bottle Wine Crate - Bordeaux region - St. Emilion sub-region.
9. Napanook 12 Bottle Wine Crate- Napa Valley region - Yountville city. This is a long side design, and the other long side of the crate has a different design but matching colors.
10. Brunello Di Montalcino 6 Bottle Wine Box - Italy - Brunello region 
Depending on the time of year and specific wine release dates, we often have colorful wine crates in stock. Visit to contact us on current inventory!
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