Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rare Champagne Crates

Champagne crates are highly decorative and limited edition pieces. We just got in a fairly good selection, so here are some of the gems:

Dom Perignon

3 Bottle Case

6 Bottle Box

DP Wine Boxes and Cases are branded on all four sides and lid. The 3 bottle has a slide-top style lid, and the 6 bottle has a standard lid. The inserts on both are specially made with foam borders to further protect the bottles.
Cristal Double Magnum
One of the finer single bottle wine crates ever made. This is a highly sought after piece made of solid oak, and brilliantly finished. The lid top has a brass plate with the engraved Louis Roderer Cristal logo, and a leather latch on the front which keeps the lid closed. The inside of the crate has a double-lined cardboard insert to protect the bottle.
Krug is remarkably innovative in their designs for magnum sized wine crates, and this is no exception. The color of the above piece is somewhere between aqua blue and grey. All four sides have gold leaf embellishments, as well as the Krug logo. The inside has a built-in bottle insert set and a slot to hold the collector's Krug history booklet.
This is a very large imperial sized Champagne crate, and Taittinger is known for these big pieces. They are simple and elegant but not particularly decorative.
Only the most recognized Champagne vineyards produce wooden wine crates, boxes, and cases and when they do they're gorgeous!
We'll be updating this post as new Champagne crates come in. We don't get many in so act fast. Call or e-mail us for the latest inventory.
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  1. hi , how much Dom Perignon 6 Bottle Box?
    douglas (

    1. I believe we still have one in stock. The price for the 6 Bottle Dom Perignon crate is $75.