Friday, March 8, 2013

Guest Post: Wine Cellar Innovations - Once Upon a Pine

Once Upon A Pine

We’re familiar with pine trees and such but how familiar are we with its commercial uses? We may not be aware of this, but Pine is actually one of most commercially important wood species. Specifically, it is classified as softwood and is most notable for its role during the Christmas season. But Christmas trees notwithstanding, Pine has quite a reputation with high-value carpentry items such as furniture, window frames, paneling, floors and roofing. But for today, we’re going to explore another significant commercial use of Pine, particularly in relation to wine and wine cellars.

One of the best wine storage solutions…

Now when it comes to wines, any connoisseur would tell you that every bottle should be kept in a most secured form of wine storage. Otherwise, you will not be able to maintain the wine’s peak taste. In addition, if you’re planning to transport wine bottles, you have to ensure that they are stored in a completely safe packaging. Wooden wine crates or boxes seem to be the most popular choice when it comes to this. Basically, you need to ensure that these crates or boxes are sturdy enough to hold those heavy wine bottles and keep them from breaking especially during long travels.
Wineries that manufacture expensive vintages are especially careful about the kind of wine crates or boxes they use for their high value bottles. If you need to make a shipment, it’s your responsibility after all to make sure that the products reach their destination safe and sound. Something as delicate as a wine bottle has to be accounted for accordingly. This is where Pine wine crates or boxes are most convenient. Pine is highly durable yet easy to manufacture compared to hardwood species. Wine crates or boxes crafted from Pine are easily sturdy and resistant against warping, shrinking, or checking. In addition, the different varieties of this wood specie offer so many options in terms of color and grain pattern for an attractive, custom appearance.

…from wine crates and boxes to wine cellars!

Wine crates and boxes notwithstanding, Pine is also an excellent wood choice for other custom wine cellar products. A good example would be original wooden wine panels and of course, wine racks for custom wine cellars. One of the varieties of this wood that is considered as one of the top choices for custom wine cellars is Rustic Pine. True to its namesake, Rustic Pine is defined by a soft, creamy color enhanced by subtle streaks and structurally sound knots. The effect is a rustic appearance for crates, boxes, panels, racks, and furniture.

The supply of Pine in general is huge and Rustic Pine is no exception. Thus, this is one wood choice than can provide the best value by price per bottle. Because it’s a knotty grade of wood, Rustic Pine can give a bigger yield at a contrastingly lower cost compared to a clear grade of wood. Moreover, Pine in general caries a wide variety of grain patterns that show up particularly well with the right stains and finishes. Grain patterns in Rustic Pine seem to be better accentuated by darker stain and finish options than natural ones. When you wish to have a wine or wine cellar product customized, having Pine as a wood choice is definitely a sound one.

And of course, un-harvested Pine is just naturally beautiful. Parks, gardens, and other scenic spots usually carry Pine trees by the dozen. The fragrance of the wood is also a memory worth keeping. There is this quote “The pine stays green in winter; wisdom in hardship.” Indeed, out of all the wood species, Pine has proven itself to be one of the most enduring throughout the changing seasons. For our wines and wine cellars, strength, stability, and beauty in keeping every bottle at its best taste condition can all be told in a single tale of once upon a Pine.

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