Friday, March 15, 2013

9 Questions We Get Asked Regularly

1. Do you ship internationally?

Yes and no. We ship to Canada frequently, and sometimes Mexico. Everywhere else is very expensive to ship to. We have no problem shipping internationally, but it's a large shipping cost to our clients.

For instance: We get a great deal of potential clients from Australia. On average it costs approx $50 per pound to ship to Australia from NY. Alot of times shipping is more expensive than the wine crate itself!

2. How many wine crate panels does it take to cover my wall?

Approx. 2 panels covers one square foot. This is a tried-and-true system we came up with several years We generally do reduce that number for large orders to prevent any overages. ago. Wine panels do vary in size, but this sizing strategy generally works very well. 

As an example: Your wall is 10 feet long by 10 feet wide. 

10 X 10 = 100 square feet

You'd need approx 200 panels to cover the wall, but if you called me I would recommend that we go with 175 to be on the safe side. Worst case we can rush out any additional panels that may be needed to complete the project.

3. Where are you located?

We have two locations: One in Rye NY and the other is in Portchester NY. They happen to be 5 minutes away from one another!

4. How do you ship?

Most orders ship through FedEx. They're great for large heavy pieces, and FedEx offers us excellent discounts based on the amount we ship. We pass these discounts to our clients. For very large orders we work with a commercial freight company that has cost-effective options based on where we ship. Large orders (50+ crates) are shipped on pallets.

5. How did you come up with this business?

We started as 3 partners who had a fondness for wine. One of the partners was working at an exclusive wine company and had access to lots of wine crates. The 3 of us met at various wine tastings and became friends. One day we were talking about how interesting and unique some of the designs on wine crates were, and an idea was born.

6. What kind of selections do you offer?

We usually have thousands of crates on hand, but our inventory shifts daily. Because wine crates are very unique, and alot of selections are based on variable factors (the season, wine futures and timing of when vintages are released etc.) It's extremely difficult for us to create a list of our stock on a regular basis. We do our best to fulfill orders of specific pieces though.

7. Do you personalize wine crates?

We personalize wine crates that are custom-made for you. We're unable to customize original wine crates because they already have a logo on them.

8. What can you personalize on a wine box or crate?

Our custom work is done through laser engraving. Just about any type of logo, monogram, artwork or design can be engraved on your wine crate. Generally photos don't work very well, but we've had success with them. The conditions need to be right however (All white backround, professional lighting etc.)

9. What's the process for custom wine crates and boxes?

The first thing we do is find out which sized wine crate, box or case your interested in. We then request an EPS formatted image. EPS allows us to re-size the image without losing resolution. JPEG and MPEG images are static and can't be effectively re-sized. Once we engrave your design on wood we send you a picture of it. Once it's approved we move forward on the crate.

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