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Wine Case Border Panels

Border panels are unique, and come from flat 3 or 6 bottle wine cases. We call them Border panels because they are long and short. They typically work well as border designs around walls, floors or ceilings.

The 3 bottle case border panels are less than half the size of the six bottle border panels.

3 bottle border panels are approx. 9" L X 4" H

6 bottle border panels are approx. 19" L X 5" H

Flat 3 Bottle Case

Flat 6 Bottle Case

Regular 6 Bottle Wine Box

As you can see, the regular 6 bottle box is clearly taller than the flat cases, but the 6 bottle flat case is longer than the regular 6 bottle. 

Bottle thickness and height also play a role in the size of a wine case or box. The taller the bottle, the longer the panel. The thicker the bottle, the more width a panel will have. Wine bottles always lay flat in a box or case to preserve it. The reason you should always lay your bottles flat is so the wine won't cork (Oxidize). The wine inside the bottle will naturally keep the cork wet when stored on it's side. If the cork dries up it will allow oxygen to seep into the bottle. Oxygen ruins the wine over time.

Some interesting facts about Border panels:
  • 50% of all border panels are from Napa Valley. The other 50% are spread among other wine making countries/regions.
  • We can only give the average size of border panels. There's frequently a difference in size among them due to slight differences in height and thickness of bottles. Not all wine bottles are the same.
  • French border panels almost always have engraved pictures and designs. Napa panels almost always have just engraved writing.
  • Thicknesses not only vary with wine bottles, but they can also vary with border panels. One of the thickest border panel comes from Hundred Acre in Napa. It's nearly 1 inch thick of solid pine wood. Most border panels are 3/8" thick.
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