Saturday, January 19, 2013

9 Amazing Wine Crate Decorations

Wine boxes and crates can add different flavors to any decor. Vintage wine crates give a shabby-chic feel, and newer wine crates provide more of a modern look. They are all easily finished or painted, and with a little patience you can create something magical.

Wine crates not only look great, but they are very useful too. They're not just for wine. You can garden with them, make space racks, keep delicate pieces protected, create easy shelving or drawers and much more. The branded panels of the crate can be removed to tile walls, floors and even ceilings.

Below are some of our favorite projects. Personally, I enjoy the newer more modern appeal but this is just a preference. There are many unique ideas that can be done with the vintage crates as well:

We were contacted by an interior decorator to provide both original and custom panels for the San Diego Padres. We did a mix of panels that were 25% Napa and the rest were a mix of Italian, French and Spanish wineries.Our interior decorator client also requested that we add panels from their wine list. We were able to get several in the order.

The above piece is from a restaurant in Oregon. We got this picture from a client that was trying to do the same thing. They wanted us to stain the panels for them, but unfortunately we don't stain or finish.

This is the back of a wine bar. We pinned it from Pinterest, and don't know where the bar is. I just really like the set up.

Another one we pinned from a blog. This is two pictures; the left is of drawers from a variety of wine box sizes. The right side one are all flat 6 bottle boxes.

This is one of my all time favorite pictures. The floor is done with heavily finished wine crate panels. It definitely took a while to do. In the back you can see drawers that hold twelve 12 bottle wine crates.

This is a fairly small wine bar area with a wine panel back wall and trim. I really like how the trim came out.

Gorgeous kitchen island. This trim also got me. The wine panels on marble is brilliant.

I love how bright and colorful the wine crates made this space. It's simple and nostalgic. Almost like a painting. The hardwood floor and Persian rug gives a warm contrast.

The above picture consists of several differently sized wine boxes and crates that are painted red. I think it was done well. Very eye-catching, but not too heavy.



  1. Those are pretty cool! Do you know of anyone who makes great custom crates? I think I would like to try some of these ideas, but I would like the crates to be more... unique. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you! We make custom crates with your logo, design or artwork. Feel free to take a look at our custom work page at