Sunday, September 2, 2012

Winery Branded Wine Box Panels (Classic)

Winery Branded Classic Wine Box Panels

Average Dimensions: 12" L X 6" H

Price: $11.00 each

Description: Winery branded panels come mostly from 6 bottle wine boxes. They are essentially a smaller version of the Chateau and Estate panels.

Artwork/designs: There aren't any pictures, designs or artwork on Winery Brandeds. They display either importer information text or winery details.

Countries they're from: Mostly French from Burgundy and Bordeaux

What they're used for: Winery branded panels are the same size as Collector's panels so it's easier to work with them on a seamless design.

To order winery branded wine crate panels visit or call us at: 914-565-0134

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