Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chateau & Estate Wine Crate Panels (Classic)

Chateau and Estate Classic Wine Panels

Average Dimensions: 19" L X 6" H

Price: $11.00 each

Description: This style of wine panel is the long side of a 12 bottle wine crate. The wine crate is dismantled and the Chateau & Estate panel is removed, inspected and hand-sanded multiple times to a smooth texture. This process prepares the panel for a first coat of any type of finish. Immediate installation is also an option.

Countries they're from: Almost exclusively Bordeaux and Burgundy vineyards

Artwork/designs: There aren't any pictures or designs on Chateau and Estate panels. They display either importer information or winery details and text.

What they're used for: Clients generally purchase large quantities of wine panels to cover the walls of their wine cellars. Our private wine investor clients purchase mostly Collector panels because they're interested in the wines and their designs. Our business clients often purchase both types together. Collector's panels are a bit more expensive than the Classics, so there's a cost savings when doing a project with part Collectors and part Classic. The project also becomes a very unique montage. Below is a picture:

The above picture is the Ritz Carlton penthouse in Houston Texas. The project is a mix of both Collectors and Chateau & Estate wine panels.

By mixing both Collectors and Chateau & Estate, they were able to produce a one-of-a-kind wine themed display, where the room itself became art. There's never been anything else like it, and every project with Chateau & Estate panels is in a league of it's own.

Visit us at www.winepine.com to purchase Chateau and Estate wine crate panels for your own unique project, or call us at 914-565-0134.

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