Thursday, August 13, 2015

Wooden Wine Crate Profile: Chateau Ausone

Chateau Ausone

My original goal when I started writing was to complete the profiles on all the wine crates from every vineyard that ever made them. A difficult task I'll admit, but my direction on that changed over the years. I found most people were interested more in what can be done with wine crates as opposed to the history behind them. I think that's changing though..

What got me thinking that I should do profiles again was several clients called me today looking for specific wine crates for their cellars. One in particular told me that he found the history of wine crates so interesting, and he was looking for a Chateau Ausone crate or box. Well, unfortunately Ausone is an extremely rare crate because they have a tiny production that are bought up quickly when released. Investors put down virtually every Ausone for 20 or so years until they're peaked for auction (or personal consumption). Once that happens we sometimes end up with only a few every year.

So here's a quick profile on the Chateau Ausone winery from an older vintage we had a picture of. It's a fascinating winery with deep historical value. It happens to be only one of only four vineyards classified as Premier Grand Cru "A". This level is one step below First Growth,

Country: France

Region: Bordeaux

Sub-Region: St. Emilion

Established: Location was growing wine since the Roman Empire. Established as Chateau Ausone in the 1700's

Production: Less than 2,000 cases per year.

Grape: 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Merlot

Crate design: Changes every 10 years or so. Generally there's a large Chateau Ausone on the front side, and a very large Chateau Ausone logo on the long side.

Rarity: Very. Investors and Collectors generally buy out most vintages and keep the crates to store the wine. 

Crate designation: Exclusive ($50.00)

Our opinion/history: I'm a big fan of Ausone and would love to try any vintage. I went on wine searcher and found that there's only 4 wine stores in the US selling only 1 bottle each. They probably got these bottles from liquidated wine cellars, and it's quite shocking that virtually no Ausone is available.

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