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The 8 Most Historic Wine Cellars

I recently became very interested in finding wine crates or boxes shown on TV shows, movies and theater. We've sold many wine crates as television and movie props in the past so I thought this would be easy. After several hours of searching I wasn't having too much luck because most of the shows were on video. I did however, find a surprising amount of wine cellars from historic locations in the process of searching that had, well, wine crates in them..

I admit that I am a little obsessed with wine crates as I've been selling them for a third of my life. I do get great joy seeing them in beautiful houses. Because of this, I've compiled a small list of 8 wine cellars that have the following characteristics:
  • House is over 100 years old
  • Property owned by a famous person or brand
  • Have wooden wine crates or wine boxes in them
  • The wine cellar was especially attractive and unique
Without further ado, here is my favorite 8 historic wine cellars:

8. Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay

One of the most spectacular hotels ever, Ritz Carlton is known for large and ornate wine themed interior designs and cellars. This space has both a modern feel and an old world look

7. Ann Colgin Historic Converted Farmhouse featured in Architectural Digest

The Colgin vineyard is a staple in Napa Valley. This very old barn on the property was brilliantly re-made into a wine cellar, with stone pillars to hold bottles and a hardwood rack

6. The First Wine Cellar in Sonoma California circa 1870

I looked high and low to try to find the source of this picture to no avail. It was definitely modernized because of that brand-new looking Screaming Eagle wooden wine case on the table, and the racks look like they were recently put in. Other than that it's a mystery.

5. Historic Weathersfield Inn

Located in Vermont, this secluded and upscale inn has a southern colonial look. The cellar is elegant yet approachable

4. Rugby Road in the University of Virginia

Described as clean, modern and unpretentious, The Rugby Road Rotunda wine cellar will make you quickly forget that its well over 100 years old.

3. The Elysee Palace

This is the private wine cellar of the President of France. It is terribly unfortunate that they're in the process of liquidating for the austerity of France. This is where Napoleon kept his prized wines!

2. Mouton Rothschild

I found the 1st and 2nd spots to be especially difficult to choose between. If you read alot of my posts you'll know that I'm a huge fan of the Rothschild family. It pains me to put the magnificent Mouton Rothschild cellar in 2nd place, but when you see number 1 you'll know why

1. Historic Alverna Mansion

This unbelievable 2000 square foot space was the inspiration for the Downton Abbey's wine cellar. It's so big and I loved it so much that I had to put another picture of it below.

Here you can see that they also added drawers that fit wine crates. I have a hard time looking away from this space

Hope you enjoyed. I'm always looking for new content, so if you have any ideas, questions, comments etc. I encourage you to leave them below or contact me directly at

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