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How to Find The Right Wine Crate for your Project

Wine wooden crates and wine boxes are durable, sturdy and complement home décor beautifully. They aren't all the same size though, as there are small, medium and large wine crates that vary in size quite a bit. The key is to find the right type of wine crate for the job.

Wine Bottle Storage

Sounds like a no-brainer but it's not unfortunately. The only wine bottles that are usually uniform among vineyards are found in Bordeaux. This isn't the case for any other country or region. Some vineyards in Napa for example make a taller or thicker bottles that don't fit in large Bordeaux wine crates. Riesling and Champagne bottles can vary widely in size as well, and usually don't fit either.

The solution to this is either to measure the bottles first before placing an order for a wine crate, or tailor-make a custom wine crate to fit the bottles.


Large wooden wine crates are great for square foot gardens outside

Medium wooden wine boxes are better for herb or garden planters inside due their smaller and more convenient sizes

Gardening and vegetable seed pack box

This is a harder project than it looks. You have to install the sections into the crate in order to separate the seed packs. This kind of project often is done with 3 bottle flat crates which are rare.


You can go either way on shelving depending on what size you'd like the unit to be. It is possible to use both large and medium crates in the shelving. The one below is all large except for the ones on the table which are mediums.

Wall Mounted Collection Displays

This is another option that can go with both medium and large crates. They can be mixed and matched, as this this is an easy project. All you have to do is level the crates and nail them to the wall.

Chest of Drawers

Most chest of drawers are made with large wine crates because of how large a chest of drawers is. This is a complex project.

DIY Ottomans

A wine crate ottoman can be either an oversized medium wine box or a large wine crate. The key here is to install a pillow onto the top. A lot harder than it looks!

Will Spencer Studio on Etsy

Wedding Table Centerpieces

For floral centerpieces; depending on the size of the table, you can go with small, medium or large crates. Our general rule of thumb is small for tables with 6 people, medium for 8 and large for 10 or more.

In the case of a buffet table it's often a mix of medium and large crates depending on the size of the platters.

Living Room or Coffee Tables

This project is exclusively done with large wine crates due to their length.


Books fit well in large wine crates, so this is the size most bookcases are made out of.


Rolling Storage

Usually medium sized crates, but there are rolling storage units made of the large ones.

Hammer and Paint on Etsy

Cat or dog pet beds and feeders

Another DIY project that can be done with medium or large depending on the size of your pet. If you have a big dog it's large, if you have a small cat than medium.

Magazine Rack

Medium wine boxes make the best sense for this, as they are more quaint and fit in smaller spaces.

Found on Etsy
Kitchen spice rack

Spice racks are usually 6 bottle flat wine case because they can fit the spice bottles smoothly, and work well on a wall in a kitchen.

Limoges Box

Almost exclusively medium wine boxes. A great DIY project for a Limoges box is to place a nicely designed wall paper to the bottom of the box.

You can find just about any kind of wine crate on Winepine! Visit us to find out which kind of wooden wine crate or wine box will work best for you.
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