Friday, May 2, 2014

7 Easy Wine Crate Storage Projects

Wooden wine crates are large, highly durable and look great in any setting. They don't just store wine, but can also be made to hold books, kitchen items such as spices, DVD's, Blu-Rays, vinyl records and even shoes. They're also stackable so they make for smart organizing.

Quaint reading nook - These are painted on the inside for decoration, but this isn't necessary

Modern pantry - This is a one piece that's a bit more professional and involved, but as a DIY work-around you can center the crates and drill them into the wall -

Wine Crate Nightstand - Here's a how-to on how to make a decorative bed side nightstand -

Shabby-chic style end table with a small cabinet

Burgundy style bike rack - Just drill holes in the bottom of the crate to match the rack screws

Wine crate bookshelf

Wine crate storage for vinyl records - Just add records! Please note that these particular crates need to be from wineries that make slightly oversized bottles. Vinyl records are 13" wide, and most wine crates are 12 1/2" wide. Some wine crates are 13 1/4" wide. Those are the ones you need.
These are the fairly easy projects you can do with original wine crates and boxes. Projects can get much more involved. You can paint crates all different colors, stain or finish them, add wall paper to the bottoms to create Limoges or shadow boxes, and even make spice racks and cabinets out of them. There are lots of creative things you can do.
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