Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Why are Some Wine Bottle Sizes Different?

Different wine making countries are known for making assorted wine bottle sizes. The 750 ML size is by far the most common standard sized bottle (Magnums are twice the size). When we talk about the standard of wine bottle sizes we're referring to Bordeaux. These are high-shoulder with straight sides.

Average Standard Bottle Size: 12" tall by 3" wide

Wineries from different countries craft their bottles like the Bordeaux standard, but they don't make them exactly the same way. Some are wider, taller or have different shoulder lengths.

Burgundy and Chateauneuf wineries make wider sized bottles. These have wide bodies and bottoms, more slender shoulders, and are slightly shorter than Bordeaux. The Wide Bottle format is also used by Italian, Spanish and Australian wineries as well.

Average Wide Bottle Size: 11 3/4" tall by 3 1/2" wide

Outside of France, you have the large and tall bottles made by many Napa and South African wineries. Napa is especially fond of the Large and Tall style. You'll have a great difficulty placing a Napa bottle into a Standard Bottle wine crate.

Average Large and Tall Bottle Size: Can vary. Some Napa bottles can be as tall as 14" tall by 4" Wide.

Lastly we have Champagne bottles. This is usually a flute-style bottle, with a tall, slender bottle and very small shoulders.

Average Champagne Standard Bottle Size: 12 1/2" tall by 2 1/2" wide

There's a great article on this I recommend checking out:


Also, when your ready to start placing your wines in wooden wine boxes or crates, please let me know. We can find out which style bottles you have, and measure out the sizes to find your perfect crates!

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