Monday, July 1, 2013

Seven Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Champagne

Champagne is a world famous drink, and is many people’s tipple of choice when it comes to luxury and celebration. As you might imagine, the drink is steeped in history and tradition. To you and I, it might just be a pleasant bubbly beverage, but for many, it’s a lifetime passion and obsession.

Let’s take a look at seven facts you probably didn't know about champagne:

1. You should always be cautious when opening a bottle of champagne. The cork can fly out at an astonishing 60 miles per hour or more, and this could obviously cause someone a nasty injury! Ideally, take the bottle outside and point it away from any windows, animals, or people.

2. Champagne is now synonymous with celebrations, and this tradition goes back a long way. It was an important aspect of parties in Britain during the French Revolution, and the higher price point ensured that it remains to be seen as a luxurious treat rather than an everyday essential.

Bubbly was first produced in England in the 1500s. Now though, there are very strict trading regulations that mean that only sparkling wines produced in that particular region of France can call themselves champagne.

4. Glass shape and temperature can have a massive impact on the overall taste and finish of a sparkling wine. If you want to enjoy your drink at its very best, you should make sure that you’re prepared. It may be worthwhile investing in some crystal champagne flutes. Before drinking, place the bottle in an ice bucket, half filled with water, for around 20 minutes. 

5. Non-vintage varieties of Champagne account for around 80-90% of all that is produced, and tends to be much less expensive. For a drink to be classified as vintage, it must have been made from grapes harvested in one single year.

6. Though James Bond is perhaps usually best associated with the martini, it’s champagne that he drinks most during the film adaptations. To date, he’s drunk nearly 40 glasses. 

7. Marilyn Monroe once took a bath in 350 bottles of bubbly. Surely, this is the ultimate in decadence!

 As you can see, the world of champagne is complex and full of wonder. Once you start reading about the subject, you’ll find that there are masses of knowledge out there just waiting to be discovered. And if it’s your choice of celebratory drink, it’s well worth finding out the facts.  

Do you have any more interesting facts about champagne? We’d love to hear them!

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