Monday, October 1, 2012

Collector's Wooden Wine Crate Panels

Collector's Wine Panels

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Dimensions of each panel: 12" L X 6" H

Price: $16.00 each

Description: Collector's panels are the branded sides of a wine crate that has the artwork or design of the winery that made the,

Countries they're from: The majority of this panel style comes from France, Italy, Spain and Napa Valley

Artwork/designs: Generally these panels have highly detailed designs engraved on them. The artwork represented on Collector's panels is ancient and very unique.

What they're used for: Wall, ceiling and floor coverings, table tops, drawer fronts and wine-themed serving trays.

Our client's wine panel projects:

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  1. My husband would love that wall. He was wanting to do something with some custom crates. I should tell him about this idea. Thanks for the genius idea.