Friday, December 30, 2011

11 Reasons to Love Paypal

Safe and secure

·         Paypal takes a very pro-active approach to fraud prevention than your bank or credit card. They have many safeguards that prevent unauthorized transactions.

·         If you pay for something through Paypal and don’t receive the item you can dispute the charge. Paypal investigates the matter immediately, and refunds quickly.

·         In the 8 years we’ve been using Paypal there has never been any major fraud or security issues.

Instantly transfer money to anyone at anytime. Even on your smartphone!

·         Paypal allows you to transfer money to anyone in seconds.

Paypal debit allows you to take out cash free of charge at Chase Bank, and allows you to make purchases at brick and morter stores.

Easy online shopping. No need to give out your credit card number!

Cash back at the end of the month

·         The business accounts at Paypal give 1% back on all purchases at the end of the month.

All transactions are online and up to the minute. No need for mailed statements

·         Sign into your Paypal account to check the most recent transactions when you want. You don’t have to wait for a month-end statement.

Excellent customer service. Very little waiting on the phone

Very inexpensive Merchant solutions for online businesses. I haven’t found anything less expensive

Transactions can be done in multiple currencies, and I don’t believe there is a cost to convert

Easy for tax time. Paypal allows you to print out all your transactions through Excel, and is even compatible with many tax softwares

Lots of apps, tools and charts to simplify your financial life

·         There are hundreds of Paypal tools included free with your account.

There are both personal and business accounts, so click the link below to get started with Paypal right now!

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