Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wood Wine Crate & Box Profiles: Domaine Romanee Conti

Domaine Romanee Conti:

Country: France

Region: Burgundy

Sub-region: Cote D'or

Classification: Arguably the best winery in the world

Production: 6 single vineyards producing a total of approx. 8,000 cases a year.

Grape: Over 95% pure Pinot Noir in 5 of the 6 single vineyards. Montrachet produces Chardonnay

Crate design: Domaine Romanee Conti (DRC) has one of the most recognized labels among wine enthusiasts, collectors and investors. The crate's picture has a picture of the very old chateau, vineyard and cross.

Rarity: Extremely rare. Domaine Romanee Conti is one of the most expensive wines in the world with a tiny production. Investors generally purchase DRC futures way in advance of release. It is considered a "blue chip" investment in wine.

Crate designation: Exclusive Class ($150.00)

Our opinion: We generally have 1-2 DRC crates in stock at any time. Out of approx. 10,000 crates we acquire, 1-2 of these crates are from Domaine Romanee. Domaine Romanee Conti crates are usually branded on all four sides, but the major artwork is only on the front side. The single vineyard is displayed on the majority of DRC crates. Below is a list of the single vineyards of Domaine Romanee Conti:


Grand Echezeaux

La Tache


Romanee St. Vivant



Assorted - Assorted is not a single vineyard, but the Domaine Romanee Conti vineyard produces several cases with 2 bottles of each single vineyard wine in a crate. They are one of the few wineries that does this.

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